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Antiques & Folk Art by Category

    Animals in Folk Art & Antiques
    African-American made Folk art, Antiques, and Quilts
    Architectural Antiques
    Birds: Figures, Objects
    Birdhouses and Garden Items
    Canes and Walking Sticks
    Circus and Carnival
    Decorative accessories and wall hangings
    Folk Art, Antiques from Found Objects
    Industrial Art: Functional, Scientific, Technological
    Iron & Metal Items
    Lamps and Lighting
    Marquetry, Parquetry, Inlay, and Fretworknew
    Memory, Bottlecap, Popsicle/Match Stick
    Models and Miniatures
    Musical Folk Art: Instruments and Musical Related
    Outsider Art
    People Objects
    Political, Patriotic, and Military Folk Art
    Quilts and Textiles
    Red, White, and Blue Folk Art
    Religious & Fraternal: Carvings, Objects, Folk Art
    Reptiles and Amphibians
    Rustic, Twig, Camp, and Adirondack
    Sombreros: Fancy and Decorated
    Shooting Gallery Targets
    Signs, Banners, and Cutouts
    Sports Related Folk Art
    Stands, Planters, Pedestals, Display Pieces
    Tramp Art: Boxes, Frames, Furniture, & More
    Whimseys: Carved and Bottles
    Whirligigs, Weather Vanes, Windmill Weights

Drawings and Paintings by Artist

    Lewis Smith: Strong Women, Eccentric Writings, Diners, on Cardboard, Bags, etc.
    R. E. Gilbert (REG): Outer Space Art
    Virginia Love: Drawings, Paintings, Collage


Antiques and Folk Art by Age

1800's     1900 - 1920's
1930's - 1940's     1950's - 1960's

General mix of
all our inventory:

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Please confirm current availability and prices by email or phone. All items are subject to prior sale. All prices are subject to change or correction. Prices are for individual items only. We try to give a discount for multiple purchases.

We want you to be pleased with your purchase and so we accept prompt returns. So if for any reason you aren't satisfied, all you have to do is phone us within 48 hours of when your order is delivered, and ship back anything you don't want within two or three business days. We will gladly refund any payment, less shipping, after it arrives to us in the same condition it was sent to you.

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