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If this is your first visit, the following will give you a little information about us, using the site, and how we do business. Thanks for coming.

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The rows of links at the top and bottom of each page will take you to frequently-used pages. If you ever can't find what you are looking for, you can also search through Artisans' inventory pages using keywords. The search link is found on all of our pages. It will bring up links to the pages that have the keyword(s) you entered.


About us.

Artisans is a mail order and internet gallery of unique antiques, folk art, and outsider art. Since 1987, we have offered an inventory which includes a wide variety of interesting, unusual, and fun stuff. It ranges from funky to formal, with selections for the beginning to advanced collector, and museum quality pieces.

We are Matt Lippa and Elizabeth Schaaf. We are located in Fort Payne, Alabama, USA, a small town on Lookout Mountain in the Northeast part of the state. We do not have an open shop, but you can contact us ahead of time to make an appointment for a private showing.

We sell almost exclusively through mail and the internet. You can reach us by e-mail, letter, or phone. Our phone number and email address are on the bottom of each page. Satisfaction is guaranteed with return privileges for anything that you order. You can find more information about us here.

Using the Site.

Here are some tips and hints. When you leave this page, we suggest you go back to the Home Page and Bookmark it. That way it will be quick and easy to find us in for a return visit. The Home Page is your starting and reference area. It has links to the main sections. At the bottom of each page, we have a link that returns you to the home page, and our email address and phone number.

The Site Guide is another easy way to get around. This table gives a more detailed breakdown of the sections. Also at the bottom of each page, and the top of most is a TOOL BAR. This row of links gives you a quick and easy way to get around the site. There are links to major sections: back to the home page, to an E-mail form, to the top of the page you are on, inventory, how to order, and to the contents page. If you go down to the bottom of this page now you will find it here also.

The contents page provides an alphabetical listing of the various pages on the site, with links to each one. This is the most detailed listing. Finally, you can always search through the site. Search links are both above and below.

This site contains inventory listings of merchandise for sale, listings of resources and articles; and links to other sites. In addition, we have a way for you to register for updates to the site. This way, you will be the first to know when more inventory of the type you are looking for gets added. We will send an e-mail to notify you. When you register, we respect your privacy, and do not share your e-mail address with anyone else. We also have even more detailed information about the site and using it.

How we do business.

You can see some of our inventory here on this web site, through our periodic mailings, or on request. If you have special interests, we can contact you when we get in something that you may want.

We try to provide complete descriptions and plenty of photos of the items on this site. If there is anything that interests you, we will personally discuss each piece in more detail. Finally, you have return privileges on anything you order. We know there is no substitute for actually holding something in your hands, and we want you to be happy with anything you order from us.

During the year, we send out several lists with descriptions and some photos. There is no charge to receive them. If you would like to get on the mailing list, please let us know by phone, letter, or E-mail.

If you would like us to contact you directly when we get in something you are seeking, please take a few minutes and drop us a note with details. Many items sell this way before ever making it onto one of the lists.

For more details on terms, return privileges, payment and other aspects of how we do business and for placing an order, look over the pages called ordering and doing business with us. Finally, if you have pieces you would like to sell, you can get information from the page about us.

Below here is a series of forms and tools which appears on most pages. It gives you more options to get around, register, search, and contact us.


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