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Inlaid frame
Inlaid frame
Inlaid fraternal whimsey
Large, incredibly detailed
inlaid fraternal whimsey
Match stick box
Match stick and inlaid box
Marquetry frame
Very intricate marquetry frame
Inlaid desk frame
Inlaid desk frame
Marquetry frame
Large, intricate marquetry frame
Fretwork bird cage
Fretwork bird cage with
intricate cat, spider, leaves
Marquetry frame
Large marquetry frame
with chip-carved border
Parquetry tray
Elaborate parquetry tray pieced from small wooden blocks
Intricate veneer decorated table top
Intricate veneer decorated table top
Carved fretwork comb case
Carved fretwork comb case with
hunters and dog, dated 1927
Exceptional house in a bottle whimsy
Cuban bottle whimsey: intricate
house with inlaid floor
Art Deco dresser box
Layered Art Deco dresser box

Match stick boxThis is an old wood box intricately decorated with matchsticks and inlay. This includes hearts and multitoned geometrics. The exterior of the box is almost completely covered with this decoration - even much of the bottom. The inside is divided into three padded, fabric lined sections. It likely was originally used as a jewelry box. The inside of the lid has a frame. There is a fair amount of wear to the inner satin covering. The outside of the box is in excellent condition with a good patina. The box came from Carteret County, NC and is likely from the early 1900's. The original box may have been older than that before it was decorated. The box is 12" wide by 8" deep by 6" high. The price is $425.00. Inventory Code: CWKS.   Match stick box ... From above ... Side view ... The other side ... Back view ... Lid open ... From below ... With a soda can for scale.

Marquetry frameThis is a very intricate and finely made marquetry frame. It has a mirror in it, and wires on the back so that it can hang vertically or horizontally. The size is 20 1/4" by 17 1/4" by 1" deep, with an opening 16 1/4" by 13 1/4". The surface is finished in a clear lacquer or varnish. It is in very good condition with minor surface wear as seen in the closeups. Age is unknown, but it appears to be from the 1920's to 40's, with a more recent mirror. The price is $450.00. Inventory Code: CWRS.   Marquetry frame ... Closeup ... Second closeup ... Third closeup ... Side view ... From second side ... From third side ... From fourth side ... Another overall view ... Back view ... With a soda can for scale.

Inlaid fraternal whimseyThis an extraordinary, one of a kind, folk art piece. It is a very large, extremely detailed marquetry whimsey with a fraternal theme; including many carved and inlaid elements. This has so much intricate work that more things continue be seen and be appreciated even after several viewings. We have included many pictures that will convey some of the quality of this piece; however, it will still surprise and delight even more, when held in person.

Following is just a brief description of some of what is in this piece. To be complete would take more than reasonable here. Please let your eyes tell more of the story. This work is over 49" long, 5 1/2" wide, and over 1 1/4" deep in parts. It is decorated on the sides as well as the front. It includes Crosses, Ankhs, stars, hearts, Bibles, scrolls, spears, and other Masonic, Shriner, Eastern Star, and Odd Fellows symbols. Each section is held together with carved links; and the entire carving is made from one piece of wood. There is one carved ball in cage, relief carving, and a section inlaid with bone or ivory. There are inlaid words, and letters; and it is decorated with a multitude of symbology. This piece is in extremely good condition; although not completely "perfect". There is a slight crack in one link, and one has been reglued in part. There is also a little bit of red color which is on the lowest section. There is no loss that we can see. One section has hand painted the words "Memorial Day 1947". We would date it from that time. The back is inscribed "To Vernon Thompson for Mike". The price is $1250.00. Inventory Code: TSOH.   Inlaid fraternal whimsey ... Closeup of top section ... Another view ... Side view.
Second section: Front view ... Closeup ... Another closeup ... One side ... The other side.
Third section: Front view ... One side ... The other side.
Fourth section: Front view ... One side ... Another view ... The other side.
Bottom section: Front view ... Closeup ... Another closeup ... One side ... The other side.
The back: Upper back ... Middle back ... Lower back ... Closeup of inscription.

Fretwork bird cageThis is a really elaborate fretwork bird cage. It has two compartments, with a spider and web design on the upper, and a cat among leaves, vines, and flowers on the lower half. The other sides, back, and top are decorated with leaf and branch cutouts. There are perches inside, and rectangular openings on the sides for food and water dishes to be inserted. The cage is cut from 1/4" plywood, finished in a warm light brown varnish. It stands 22 1/4" high by 14 1/2" wide by 10" deep, and was probably made about the 1940's. The condition is excellent. There are two small areas on the upper back where the top layer of the plywood has chipped off, visible in the photos. The price is $800.00. Inventory Code: COAH.   Fretwork bird cage ... Front view ... Another angle ... Closeup of upper half ... Closeup of cat ... Side view ... The other side ... Back ... Closeup of back ... From above ... Doors open ... Another view open ... Closeup inside upper half ... Inside lower half ... From below ... With a soda can for scale.

Marquetry frameThis is a large and very intricate marquetry frame from the early 1900's, with very fine workmanship. It measures 28 1/4" by 22 1/2", with an opening 22 3/4" by 17". It is in very good condition with slight surface wear. Two small triangles may have been replaced, visible in the fourth closeup photo. Also, two reinforcement pieces on the back have been replaced. The price is $450.00. Inventory Code: CWOK.   Marquetry frame ... Side views ... Closeup, upper half ... Second closeup ... Third closeup ... Fourth closeup ... From above and below ... Back view ... With a soda can for scale.

Art Deco dresser boxThis is a three drawer Art Deco style dresser box with unusual construction. The front, sides, back, and top are built up from strips of plywood. The strips were turned so that the edges of the layers show, giving an effect similar to inlay or matchstick work. It is also related to the "flat work" style of tramp art, except that the layers are not carved. The initials "M.E.C." are incised and then painted on the top. The back crest is cut out in steps, with incised lines. A mirror is set into the upper back. The box is finished in a light varnish, darkened slightly with age. It was made in the first half of the 20th century, and measures 10 3/4" high by 12" wide by 7 1/2" deep. The condition is excellent with the exception of a sliver missing from the top of the mirror and a little bit of the silvering, as seen in the closeup. The price is $325.00. Inventory Code: CATP.   Layered Art Deco dresser box ... Front view ... From above ... Another angle ... One side ... The other side ... Back view ... Another view from above ... Drawers open ... Closeup of the mirror ... From below ... With a soda can for scale.

Marquetry frameThis is a large marquetry frame with a chip-carved outer border and carved inner border. It has a nice, rich surface of lacquer or varnish that shows the subtle variations in color of the inlay work. The size is 28 3/4" by 25 1/2", with an opening 21" by 18". The lower right corner is missing a narrow strip of the outer border and a small triangle of the inlay, visible in the first closeup photo. Otherwise, the condition is excellent. Age appears to be from the early 1900's. The price is $475.00. Inventory Code: CWOR.   Marquetry frame ... Side view ... The other side ... Closeup, one corner ... Second corner ... Third corner ... Fourth corner ... Back view ... Closeup of back ... Another closeup of the back ... With a soda can for scale.

Parquetry trayThis is a very intricate parquetry tray. It has a stylized bunch of grapes design worked into the top. It also has an openwork upper border, and sits up on low feet with a scalloped lower border. The entire piece is assembled from small wood blocks of many colors. It is in very good condition with minor wear and scuffing. The age is unknown, but appears to be from the mid-20th century or older. It measures 16 1/2" by 11 1/2" by 4" high. The price is $235.00. Inventory Code: COCW.   Parquetry tray ... From above ... Side view ... Two views of the other side ... Three more angles ... Another view from above ... End view ... The other end ... From below ... With a soda can for scale.

Intricate veneer decorated table topThis incredible piece of folk art is a table top decorated with layers upon layers of finely cut and appliqued veneer woods. The effect is something like inlay, but the individual pieces are glued over each other instead of being set in. All the colors are from the various shades of wood used. The design includes the words "Bless This House O Lord We Pray Amen". The surface has a clear, glossy finish with slight texture from the layers of veneer. It is 36" in diameter by 1" thick, with screw eyes on the back for hanging.

The table top itself is probably from the early 1900's, with a partial label on the back from a New York City shop. The age of the decoration is unknown, but looks to be approximately mid-20th c. There is a signature that appears to have been applied with a rubber stamp. There are a few very small places where bits of veneer are loose or chipped, and one piece where the finish is lost, as seen in the closeup photos. Overall, the condition is excellent and it is a striking and unique piece. The price is $2500.00. Inventory Code: CCOA.   Intricate veneer decorated table top ... Closeup of the center ... "Bless This House" ... "O Lord We Pray" ... Closeup with signature ... Closeup of loss ... Side views ... Back view ... Label on back ... With a yardstick for scale.

Carved fretwork comb caseThis is a hand cut fretwork wall box or comb case with carved decoration, dated 1927. The front has two hunters on the right and a floral design on the left, with a mirror set in between the two. Above the floral design are faint incised carvings of a dog chasing a rabbit. Under the mirror is carved "MCMXXVII". The back has a hand carved inscription "Made by the Wilton Novelty Co Wilton 10". The wood is probably walnut, with a machine cut molding strip of different wood across the bottom. It has an unfinished surface, although there are faint traces of green paint in the crevices. The mirror appears to have been replaced. The size is 11 3/4" wide by 7" high by 3 3/4" deep, and the condition is excellent. The price is $175.00. Inventory Code: CHTR.   Carved fretwork comb case ... Another angle ... Two views from above ... Side views ... Back view ... Closeup of back ... With a soda can for scale.

Exceptional house in a bottle whimsyThis is an extraordinary bottle whimsey of a house by Ramon Arbelo Gonzalez. The main portion of the house is a single story, with the addition of 2 two-story sections, connected by a bridge. The entire piece is done in great detail. The house rests on an open courtyard enclosed by a fence. Thread is strung through the fence posts as rails. There is an external staircase, shrubbery, and windows all around the four sides of the main house. All of the light and dark checkerboard wood which makes up the floor is actually inlaid in separate small pieces. The different colors of the squares are different kinds of wood. This is also true of the other shades of wood throughout this piece. On the bottom is inscribed information about the maker. It reads "Puky Omaja" and the town name he lived in in Cuba. The bottle is mounted on the base and is 13 3/4" long by 3" in diameter. With the base it is about 4" high. This piece was made in the early 2000's. While it is not that old, it certainly is exceptional. The entire structure is in excellent condition and can be shipped. The price is $850.00. Inventory Code: CSRC.   Exceptional house in a bottle whimsy ... Closeup ... Another closeup ... Another angle ... Closer view ... A different angle ... Closer view ... Back view ... Closeup of back ... From above ... Another view from above ... End view ... From below ... Closeup of signature ... With a soda can for scale.

Inlaid desk frameThis is a very well made inlaid desk frame with a long base. It pivots on two upright posts, each 8" high. The base is 23" long, 3 1/2" deep and 1" high. Inlaid into it are darker 1/2" squares. The frame itself is 6 1/2" by 8 1/2" on the outside and 4 1/2" by 6 1/2" inside. Made around 1930 with an old varnish and in very good condition. The price is $275.00. Inventory Code: PKSS.   Inlaid desk frame ... From above ... Closeup from above ... Another closeup ... Frame tilted on base ... Back view.

Inlaid desk frameAn inlaid desk frame in several shades of wood, with a swivel base. It has a crackled varnish finish that is slightly worn on the base. Four wood pieces on the back can pivot to hold a picture or mirror in place. It is 8 1/4" high by 12 3/4" wide by 3" deep, in very good condition, probably made about the 1920's. The price is $175.00. Inventory Code: PKTP.   Inlaid desk frame ... Side view ... The other side ... Frame tilted ... Back view.


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