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Cane or umbrella holder
Cane or
umbrella holder

Intricately Painted cane

NOTE: The canes below came from the collection of Herbert Hemphill, the noted folk art collector.

This is an old, circular, wooden cane holder or umbrella stand. It was made as an octagon from 8 pieces of hardwood pieced and mortised together which were then turned on a lathe so it is round on the outside. It was then fixed to a turned base. All of this was finished with a very dark varnish, which has darkened more with age. This piece is in very good condition with some wear in the varnish, and stands 19" high with and outer diameter of 10" on top and 12" across the base. The opening is about 8". The price is $85.00. Inventory Code: ARPT.   Wooden cane holder ... The other side ... From above ... Closeup of base ... Another angle ... Bottom.

Here is a nice, simple, attractive hand carved cane which was then painted a deep reddish brown with fine black striping. It has a metal ferrule on the tip with the number 908 painted on in white. It has been used, but is in very good, sturdy condition with only a little wear. It seems to be about 60 or 70 years old, and is 35" long. The price is $55.00. Inventory Code: ARPC.   Carved, painted cane ... Closeups of detail ... Other side of top.


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