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Since 1986, we have been offering unusual, one of a kind folk art and antiques for sale.
We encourage you to contact us if you would like more information or are looking for special pieces.



Matt Lippa or Elizabeth Schaaf, Artisans
(256) 886-2809 (9AM - 5PM Central Time Only please.)

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Tramp art
Tramp Art


Whimseys, whimsies
Carved Whimseys,
Bottle Whimsies

Memory and shard
Memory, Shard

Rustic furniture, decoration
Rustic, Twig
Adirondack Furniture

Decorative items

Outsider art
Outsider Art

Folk art furniture
Folk Art Furniture

Quilts, Textiles

Metal, Found Objects

Fraternal items
Fraternal Antiques

Bottle cap
Bottle Cap


Religious folk art
Religious Folk Art