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Hand wrought clamps
Hand wrought massive clamps
Cast iron snowbird
Cast iron snow eagles
Metal rooster
Large metal
rooster weathervane
Key trivet
Four folky trivets made from old keys
Industrial gear art
Large industrial gear
Shoe shine foot restCobbler's feet toolsCobbler's tool
A collection of cobbler's and shoe shine tools
Cast iron snowbirds
Pair of 19th c.
cast iron snowbirds
Primitive iron goat hobble
Primitive hand forged
iron goat tie stake
Painting "A day at the Office"
Metal sculpture
Metal sculpture: "Universe"
Mechanical boot jack
Mechanical boot jack
Bottle cap basket
Bottle cap basket
Folding metal decoy
Folding metal decoy
Funky metal finial
Funky metal finial
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Here is a collection of cobbler's and shoe shine tools. They are priced individually, with a discount for the group.

Shoe shine foot restThis is an old cast iron shoe rest for a cobbler or shoe shiner. It has good form and a well oxidized dark surface with traces of white paint. The stand is likely from around 1900 and is in very good condition. It is about 14 3/4" high, with a base of about 4 1/2" in diameter. The shoe rest is around 6" long. The price is $150.00. Inventory Code: TKTW.   Shoe shine foot rest, with a soda can for scale ... The other side ... Front and back views ... From above ... Closeup of the base.
Some much larger photos:   Shoe shine foot rest, with a soda can for scale ... The other side ... Front and back views.

Cobbler's toolThis is an old hand forged cobbler's tool which was used by putting the end of the wood piece under the arm and then leaning down on it to put pressure on the object being worked. From the 1800's, this piece has a wonderful surface - worn, rich, and with a great feel. We are not sure specifically what use it had, but the "business end" is rather sharp, so likely for cutting of some sort. The entire tool is 18 1/2" long by about 8" wide. The handle is 1 1/2" thick at the widest part. It is in very good, old, used, condition. The price is $120.00. Inventory Code: TWHS-B.   Cobbler's tool ... Two more views.
Some much larger photos:   Cobbler's tool ... Two more views.

Cobbler's toolThis is a cast iron old, abstract looking foot form. It is actually the front and sole of two different size feet, and was possibly used as a mold for building part of a shoe. This piece is likely from the late 1800's. It has a nice dark rich surface from age and use. The entire form is about 11" long and 3 1/2" at the widest point. It is about also about 3 1/2" high. The price is $95.00. Inventory Code: TWHS-C.   Cobbler's tool, two views ... With a soda can for scale.

Cobbler's lastsCobbler's feet toolsThis is a group of 11 cast iron foot forms. Some are painted and some have an oxidized surface. From the late 1800's or early 20th century, one is broken at the right heel and two are chipped at the front of the opening. All the rest are in good condition. The forms range in length from 5" to 9 1/2". The price is $175.00 for the group. Inventory Code: TCPO-BC.   Six of the feet, with a soda can for scale ... From above ... The other five ... Side view ... Front view ... With a soda can for scale.

Cast iron snowbirdsThese two cast iron snowbirds have unusual, attractive forms. They are unpainted, with a dark, oxidized surface, and are in excellent condition. Made in the late 1800's, they are each 11" long by 5 1/4" high by 6 3/4" wide. The price is $75.00 each. Inventory Code: APKW. Cast iron snowbirds ... Another view ... Third view ... Fourth view ... Fifth view ... Sixth view ... Seventh view ... Eigth view ... Front view of one ... Side view of one.

Primitive iron goat hobbleThis is a primitive hand forged iron object - likely a goat hobble. In other words, it would be pushed into the ground to the cross piece. Then a rope with a goat on one end would be tied through the ring. Now it is a very good looking decorative piece. Probably made in the 1800's, this is in very good used condition with a rich, dark, smooth surface and slight traces of dark rust. It is 16 1/2" long by 5 5/8" wide and 3/8" thick. The price is $145.00. Inventory Code: TWKT.   Primitive iron goat hobble ... The other side ... From above ... Side view ... With a soda can for scale.

Hand wrought clampsHere are two massive, hand wrought iron "C" clamps. Each measures about 11" wide by 10" high, 1 1/2" thick, and weighs about 7 1/2 pounds. The handles and the main body of the clamps were hand formed. The surface is a very dark, old iron. These are old, in good, used condition. One has a small crack in the body of the "C". They have a really nice look and strong presence. The price for the pair is $175.00. Inventory Code: THRK.   Hand wrought clamps ... The other side ... From above ... From below ... Side view ... Another angle ... Closeup of one ... The other side ... From below ... Closeup of second clamp ... Second, other side ... Second, from below.

Cast iron snowbirdHere are two cast iron snow eagles. They came from Pennsylvania and were probably made in the early 1900's. Each of the eagles stand 5" high and has a wingspan of 6 1/4" inches. Their bodies are 1" deep and the base is 2 3/4" deep. They are all in excellent condition, with a nice surface from age and use. These were attached to the edge of a roof to catch snow and ice. They are priced $75.00 each. Inventory Code: ARHT.   One bird ... Both ... 3/4 view ... One side ... The other side ... Back.

Metal sculpture"Universe". Metal sculpture made from roofing tin, acrylics, and automobile glass. 22" x 22" x 10" (with stand, 32" high). 1995. Note that the colors in this piece are very vibrant and strong. They are much more vivid than shown in the photos. The first closeup shows them the best, but even it is somewhat washed out. The price is $5000.00. Inventory Code: KPAA.   Image ... Closeup ... Another view ... A third overall view ... Second closeup ... Third closeup ... Fourth closeup ... One side ... The other side ... From an angle behind ... Back ... Closeup of back.

Industrial gear artThis is a large, thick, cast iron industrial gear with good form. It is mounted on a black metal base. The gear has an old, unpainted, dark oxidized surface and is in excellent condition. It is 9" in diameter by 5" thick; as mounted the overall height is 14 3/4". The price is $125.00. Inventory Code: TCRR.   Industrial gear ... Two more views ... Overall, with the stand ... The other side ... Back view ... Closeup of back ... With a soda can for scale.

Metal roosterThis is a very folky one-of-a-kind rooster weathervane made from galvanized sheet metal. The rooster was hand cut from two pieces and put together. It then was bolted with supports to part of a ventilator from a silo or barn, which had a shaft with a hole put inside so the entire piece could rotate in the wind. The word "Rock" is painted on one side of the tail in subtle, silver-gray paint. This unusual piece came from the Midwest, likely Iowa, and was probably made in the 1940's or 50's. Being metal, there is some little rust, oxidation, and outside wear, but it is in generally very good condition. The body of the rooster is 23" long by 19" high. As mounted, it is 26 1/2" long by 28 1/4" high by 13 1/2" wide. We still have the ventilator, and it can be easily reassembled if you prefer it mounted that way. The price is $475.00. Inventory Code: AKOT.   Metal rooster ... The other side ... Another angle ... Closeup ... Closeup, other side ... Closeup of head ... Closeup of tail, with "Rock" ... Closeup of body ... Closeup of head, other side ... Tail, other side ... Body, other side ... Front and back views ... Closeup from the front ... Closeup of the base ... Mounted on the ventilator ... Front view, on ventilator ... With a soda can for scale.

Key trivetHere are four very folky trivets made from felt which has been covered with old keys sewn on. The keys range in age from very old (1800's) to 1960's or 70's styles, which is probably when these were made. They are in good condition with no missing keys, although a bit grungy and with loose threads from the crude stitching. Two are 5" in diameter. The red one is 4 1/2" by 4 3/4", and the oval green one is 4 3/4" by 5 3/4". We took a photo in a frame with no glass to show what it would look like, but this is NOT framed or matted. The empty frame can be purchased with the trivets for $10.00 more. You will need to mat and mount them yourself. Three are priced at $45.00 each; the oval green one (bottom left in the group photo) is $55.00. Inventory Code: ATHR.   All four ... The backs ... One ... Second ... Third ... Fourth ... All, in a frame.
Some much larger photos:   All four ... One ... Second ... Third ... Fourth ... All, in a frame.

Painting"A day at the Office". Acrylics on metal roofing. The hands have been hammered to have depth. 26" by 40", initialed, msl, and dated 4/95. The price is $4000.00. Inventory Code: KPAP.   Image ... Closeup ... Second closeup ... Third closeup ... Fourth closeup ... Back ... Closeup of back.

Mechanical boot jackThis is a mechanical boot jack from the late 1800's or early 1900's. It is made from cast iron with a hand carved wood handle. The handle tightens the clamp on to the heel of the boot, so it could be pulled off. The iron mechanism has a good dark oxidized surface and measures 15" long by 5" wide. When the handle is straight up, it is 34 3/4" high. The handle has a dark patina from years of use. The condition is very good, with some wear on the handle. The price is $275.00. Inventory Code: TOCA.   Mechanical boot jack ... Closeup, with a soda can for scale ... One side ... The other side ... From above ... Closeups of the handle ... Another view from above ... With a yardstick for scale ... Video of the action [4.8 Mb].
Some much larger photos:   Mechanical boot jack ... Closeup, with a soda can for scale ... One side ... The other side ... From above ... Closeups of the handle ... Another view from above ... With a yardstick for scale ... Video of the action [4.8 Mb].

Bottle cap basketThis is a bottle cap basket with good form and nice, subtle color. It is made from older cork lined bottle caps, many of which are labeled from Baltimore. Some of the many brands include Moxie, Arrow, 7-Up, Popular Club Old Style Birch Beer, Gunther Brewing Baltimore, and Free State Brewery Baltimore, which closed in the early 1950's. The caps have darkened with age. The size is 11 1/4" high by about 10" by 10 1/2". Age is probably from the 1940's or 50's, but could be earlier. The condition is excellent. The price is $375.00. Inventory Code: CROS.   Bottle cap basket ... Another angle ... Third view ... Side view ... The other side ... From above ... Another view from above ... From below ... Closeup ... Second closeup ... Third closeup ... Fourth closeup ... Fifth closeup ... Sixth closeup ... With a soda can for scale.

Folding metal decoyA nice metal duck decoy. This piece was made from galvanized metal, with an iron rod for support; and then painted a dark olive green with brown and orange details. One of the wings has an unusual slide that release the wing and allows them to pivot for storage. The decoy way probably made in a local "factory" or shop rather than one-of-a-kind. It is in excellent old condition with appropriate wear and patina from use. The duck is 17 1/2" long, 8" across the wings, and 10" high. With the rod and base it stands 43" high. The price is $150.00. Inventory Code: AOPA.   One side ... The other side ... With base ... Another view ... From below ... Partly folded.

Funky metal finialThis is an old, galvanized metal finial. It has the original white paint, and is very rusty (sturdy, not crumbling) with a couple of bullet holes. This funky piece is about 9" high and 4" along each side of the base. The ball on top is about 2 1/2" in diameter. It is likely from about the 1940's or earlier, and is an interesting, decorative object. The price is $45.00. Inventory Code: TSKA.   Funky metal finial ... Second side ... Third side ... Fourth side ... From above ... From below.

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