Hobo and Tramp Art Carving:
an authentic American folk tradition

By Adolph Vandertie with Patrick Spielman.

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The material from this book is used on our site by permission of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. We wish to express our thanks to them for their kindness.

Unfortunately, this book is no longer in print. Occassionally we have one for sale that we locate. You may be able to find a copy at a used bookstore or online.

This beautifully illustrated book combines a brief history of hoboes with instructions on making carved whimsies and tramp art. Several techniques are described and illustrated, step by step. In addition, there are many pages of color photos of tramp art and whimsies, and a guide to hobo signs.

Adolph Vandertie was fascinated with hoboes since childhood, when he visited the hobo jungles in Green Bay, WI. He also spent over 40 years practicing the art of whimsey carving. Patrick Spielman has been a woodworker since childhood, teacher, and author of many woodworking books.


For Chapelle Limited
Owner: Jo Packham
Staff: Trice Boerens, Malissa Boatwright, Rebecca Christensen, Holly Fuller, Cherie Hanson, Holly Hollingsworth, Susan Jorgensen, Susan Laws, Amanda McPeck, Barbara Milburn Leslie Ridenour, Cindy Stoeckl, and Nancy Whitley
Photography: Ryne Hazen

A special thanks is extended to Ray Sauvey and Terry C. Misfeldt of the National Railroad Museum located in Green Bay, WI, for their trust and hospitality in allowing us to photograph in their lovely facility.

Poems by Charles Elmer Fox used by permission of University of Iowa Press.
Photos on pages 2, 13, and 17 are used courtesy of the Library of Congress.
Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data
Vandertie, Adolph, 1911-
Hobo & tramp art carving : an authentic American folk tradition
Adolph Vandertie with Patrick Spielman.
p. Cm.
Includes index.
ISBN 0-8069-3185-X
I. Wood-carving--United States--Patterns. 2. Tramp art. 3. Folk art--United States. I. Spielman, Patrick E. II. Title. TT199.7.V36 1995

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