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Star quiltThis is a tied quilt with a pattern of strip pieced stars and diamonds. It is made from denim and suiting weight fabrics in shades of blue, tan, and brown. The back is striped cotton ticking, folded over to bind the edges. It is tied with fine red yarn. The size is 56" by 74 1/2". Age is unknown, but likely from the first half of the 20th c. We would describe the condition as fair to poor due to visible repairs, multiple small tears/fraying, and lots of overall foxing with a few smaller stains. That said, it is sturdy and intact for displaying, with graphics that look great on a wall or bed. The price is $325.00. Inventory Code: CWWO.   Star quilt ... Closeup, one corner ... Second corner ... Third corner ... Fourth corner ... One edge ... Closeup of middle ... Closer view of one corner ... Back ... Back, one corner ... Back, second corner ... Back, third corner ... Back, fourth corner ... Repair on back ... Back edge ... Back center ... With a yardstick for scale.

Painted bisque headThis is a brightly painted, stylized head made from bisque pottery, mounted on a black wood base. It stands 14 1/2" high by about 7" by 7". The condition is very good with a few minor scuffs. We don't know anything about the age or maker, but we love the look. The price is $395.00. Inventory Code: CKTK.   Painted bisque head ... Another angle ... Front view ... Side view ... The other side ... Back view ... From above ... Another view from above ... Closeup ... Second closeup ... Third closeup ... From below ... With a soda can for scale.

Buffalo by Lewis Smith"Buffalo", a two sided drawing of women wrestlers by Lewis Smith (1907 - 1998). It is drawn in crayon and ballpoint on both sides of a panel cut from a brown paper grocery bag. It measures 12" by 17", and is in excellent condition. The price is $1100.00. Inventory Code: LS236.   "Buffalo" by Lewis Smith ... The other side ... Closeup ... Closeup, other side ... With a 12" ruler for scale.

Lewis Smith's Home Page     More Art on Brown Bags by Lewis Smith

Tramp art child's dresserThis is a large tramp art child's dresser. It is heavily decorated with up to nine layers of chip carving, flat work on top, and a mirror. The three larger drawers have brass pulls, the two smaller drawers have wood knobs. There is also a "hidden" compartment on top with a lid that lifts off. From the early 1900's, it is 35 1/2" high by 16 1/2" wide by 10 1/2" deep. The condition is excellent, with a small sliver lost on the lower front and another on the lower back portion of one side, otherwise only slight surface wear. On the very top edge of the crest there are remnants of what may be a leather strip. The price is $2450.00. Inventory Code: CKPC.   Tramp art child's dresser ... Another angle ... Third view ... Side view ... The other side ... From above ... Closeup, upper front ... Closeup, middle front ... Another view, middle front ... Lower front ... Top crest ... Another closeup from above ... Closeup of base ... Closeup, one side ... The other side, top ... The other side, lower ... Back view ... Upper back ... Lower back ... Drawers open ... Upper drawers open ... Top compartment open ... With a yardstick and soda can for scale.

Crazy quiltThis is a crazy quilt, pieced in blocks, with a burgundy and black border. The fabrics are cotton and wool, with lots of variation in texture, and some very small scraps used. The back is dark blue and white cotton gingham. The quilt is machine pieced and hand quilted in a diamond pattern. It measures 72" by 86". The age is unknown, likely from the first half of the 1900's. The condition is fair, with some moth holes and a few fabrics splitting, plus a faded area on the back. It is fine for display, and looks great on a wall or bed. The price is $975.00. Inventory Code: CROW.   Crazy quilt ... One corner ... Second corner ... Third corner ... Fourth corner ... Closeup ... Second closeup ... Third closeup ... Fourth closeup ... Fifth closeup ... Back ... Closeup of back ... Second closeup of back ... With a yardstick for scale.

Tramp art frame with birdsThis is a tramp art frame with three carved birds on the top crest and several styles of chip carving. Probably from the 1920's or 30's, it is painted a very dark, old, oxidized gold. It measures 16 3/4" high by 11 3/4" wide, with an opening 6 3/4" by 4 3/4". It is in very good condition with very slight surface wear on the lower right and a tiny chip on the beak of one bird. Two of the birds have seams, we believe they were pieced together from smaller pieces of wood when they were carved. The price is $1200.00. Inventory Code: CKWW.   Tramp art frame with birds ... Another angle ... Closeup of top ... Closeup of lower ... Side view ... The other side ... From above ... From below ... Back view ... Closeup of back ... With a soda can for scale.

Bottle cap basketThis is a bottle cap basket with good form and nice, subtle color. It is made from older cork lined bottle caps, many of which are labeled from Baltimore. Some of the many brands include Moxie, Arrow, 7-Up, Popular Club Old Style Birch Beer, Gunther Brewing Baltimore, and Free State Brewery Baltimore, which closed in the early 1950's. The caps have darkened with age. The size is 11 1/4" high by about 10" by 10 1/2". Age is probably from the 1940's or 50's, but could be earlier. The condition is excellent. The price is $375.00. Inventory Code: CROS.   Bottle cap basket ... Another angle ... Third view ... Side view ... The other side ... From above ... Another view from above ... From below ... Closeup ... Second closeup ... Third closeup ... Fourth closeup ... Fifth closeup ... Sixth closeup ... With a soda can for scale.

Painting by Gloria PetyarreNext are two paintings on the theme of Bush Medicine Leaves by Gloria Tamerre Petyarre (1945 - 2021), an Australian Aboriginal painter. This is one of Gloria Petyarre's signature designs. Both are on unstretched canvas and measure 20 1/2" by 17 1/2", while the images inside the black border are 16 1/2" by 13 1/2". They are in excellent condition. Right now there are a few wrinkles in the canvas which should come out with stretching. Both are signed "Gloria" on the back, but not dated. Some biographical information is below the second piece.

The first painting is in purple, pink, and white. The price is $550.00. Inventory Code: CRWA.   Painting by Gloria Petyarre ... Closeup, upper ... Closeup, lower ... Back view ... With a 12" ruler for scale.

Painting by Gloria Petyarre The second painting is in shades of red and dark pink. The price is $550.00. Inventory Code: CRWC.   Painting by Gloria Petyarre ... Closeup ... Back view ... With a 12" ruler for scale.

Biography and Exhibitions: The following information is taken from the from the Australian National Portrait Gallery and Kate Owen Gallery:
Gloria Tamerre Petyarre (b. 1945), an Anmatyerre woman from Aknangkere Country, near Alice Springs, is one of Australia's most acclaimed Aboriginal painters. She is probably the best-known Utopia artist after her late aunt, Emily Kame Kngwarreye. Petyarre first gained recognition for her batiks, exhibiting from 1977 with the Utopia Women's Silk Batik Group. Although she only began painting in acrylics on canvas in the late 1980s, since her first solo exhibition in 1991 she has had a dedicated following of public and private collectors in Australia and internationally. Using layers of tapering dots, dashes and swirling lines, her many paintings portray Awelye (women's ceremonies and body paint designs) and various Dreamings, including the Mountain Devil Lizard and her signature, Bush Medicine Leaves. Petyarre was awarded the Wynne Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW in 1999 for one of her Leaves works, the first Aboriginal artist to receive this coveted award for landscape painting.

Apart from her Wynne Prize success, Gloria went on to be a finalist another four times. The most prestigious Indigenous art competition in this country, the 'Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award' has featured her artworks on many occasions, and her works are widely collected and commonly held in the finest Aboriginal Art Collections and Museums worldwide. You can read more about her biography and exhibitions by searching on Wikipedia. There you will also find pictures of the artist and links to others sites showing more about her.

Strip pieced quiltThis is a vibrant abstract tied quilt, strip pieced in blocks, with a pieced border. It is made from wool blanket fabrics, with a striped flannel back that is folded over to bind the edges. The red yarn used to tie is wool. There is an embroidered name in one corner of the back that looks like "S L Roger", and a faint, illegible name written in pencil on another back corner. Age is unknown, but most likely from the early 1900's. The quilt measures 84" by 84", in good used and washed condition. There are three small areas of moth damage: not holes, just spots where the nap of the blanket is worn, visible in the closeups. A sleeve for hanging has been sewn onto the back, and the graphics are striking on the wall. The price is $2500.00. Inventory Code: CROH.   Strip pieced quilt ... Closeup, upper left ... Upper right ... Lower right ... Lower left ... Fifth closeup ... Sixth closeup ... Closeup of wear or moth damage ... Second closeup of wear ... Closer view of upper right corner ... Back view ... One corner of back ... Second corner back ... Third corner back ... Fourth corner back ... Another closeup of the back ... Writing on hanging sleeve ... Embroidered name on back ... Written name on back ... Front, with a yardstick for scale.

Dempster short tail horse windmill weightThis is a Dempster short tail horse cast iron windmill weight, mounted on its original base. It is in excellent condition, with a dark unpainted surface, from the early 1900's. "58G" is embossed on one side. 87J is embossed on the base. The horse itself is 17 1/2" long by 16 1/2" high. The base is 17 1/2" long by 5 3/4" wide. Overall as mounted it is 21" long by 17" high by 5 3/4" wide. The price is $475.00. Inventory Code: CROK.   Dempster short tail horse windmill weight ... The other side ... From above ... Front view ... Back view ... Closeup of head ... Closeup of body ... Closeup of feet ... Feet, from above ... Closeup, other side ... Second closeup, other side ... Feet, from above other side ... From below ... With a soda can for scale.

Benny Carter birdhouseThis is a birdhouse by Benny Carter. The front is painted like an apartment building with four holes. The roof is shingle, with two chimneys, and is painted "Love Jesus B.T.C." The back is painted "Love Your Mother", and both ends are signed. It measures 38 1/2" wide by 13 1/4" high by 10 1/2" deep and is in good, weathered condition. The price is $325.00. Inventory Code: CRAW.   Benny Carter birdhouse ... From above ... Back ... End view ... The other end ... From below ... With a yardstick and soda can for scale.

Benny Carter Dale Jr car artThis is a race car by Benny Carter, decorated to celebrate Dale Earnhardt, Jr. It is cut out of OSB board and painted, with a metal number "8" applied. Some of the inscriptions include Dale Jr.'s wins and sponsors, along with "Love Your Mother", "Teresa Is Mean!" and "I Love The Intimidator". It is signed and dated 2003, in very good condition. The size is 48" long by 12" high by about 1/2" thick. The price is $235.00. Inventory Code: CRTT.   Benny Carter Dale Jr car art ... Another angle ... Closeup of front ... Closeup of rear ... From above and below ... Back ... With a soda can for scale.



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