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Decorative iron fire truck hose reelsCast iron wheel
Two decorative cast iron fire truck hose reels
Foundry mold
Industrial foundry mold
Cultivator wheels
Cultivator wheels
Tabletop millstone
Set of Five Whimsical Cedar Carvings
Set of 5 Whimsical Cedar Carvings
African-American carving
Carved hand and egg
Home made skateboard
Home made skateboard
3 Home made skateboards
Metal fish
Metal fish
twig stand
Rustic stand
Carved star
Carved star
Home made one-string bass
Home made one-string bass
Inlaid frame
Inlaid frame
WWII Painting
Ship in bottle whimsey
Complex Ship in bottle whimsey
Painting by Zipin
Painting by Martin Zipin
Halloween collage
Halloween collage by Virginia Love

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Decorative iron fire truck hose reelsHere are two decorative cast iron wheels that originally were the sides of fire truck hose reels. The have a wonderful old surface with slight remnants of real "fire engine" red paint. The condition is very good with a dark oxidized surface. They were probably from the early 1900's and are now mounted on new bases that add slightly to the height. This first larger wheel is 27" in diameter and about 1" thick in the center. These are priced at $295.00 each. Inventory Code: CTCW.   Larger wheel ... The other side ... Closeup ... Closeup, other side ... Two wheels, with a yardstick and soda can for scale.
Some much larger photos:   Larger wheel ... The other side ... Two wheels, with a yardstick and soda can for scale.

Cast iron wheelThe smaller wheel has a more open design in the center. It is 23 1/2" in diameter, in very good condition, from the early 1900's with a dark oxidized surface. The price is $295.00. Inventory Code: CTCR.   The smaller wheel ... The other side ... Closeup ... Side views ... Two wheels, with a yardstick and soda can for scale.
Some much larger photos:   The smaller wheel ... The other side ... Closeup ... Side views ... Two wheels, with a yardstick and soda can for scale.

Foundry moldThis is an industrial foundry mold with good color and a nice geometric presence. It has worn gray-blue paint with black margins and a few red markings. Some metal letters and numbers are attached to one section. It is in good used condition and measures 19 1/4" in diameter by 3 1/4" deep. It is old, probably from the first half of the 20th century. The price is $195.00. Inventory Code: CCHR.   Foundry mold ... Side views ... Back view ... With a soda can for scale.
Some much larger photos:   Foundry mold ... Side views ... Back view ... With a soda can for scale.

Cultivator wheelsThis is a pair of old cultivator wheels mounted on bases. They have a very decorative form, unlike many that we see. One has remnants of red paint. Each of the wheels has 12 curved arms and is about 16" in diameter. The 6 holed hub is about 3" deep. On newer bases, they stand 23 and 24 1/2 inches high. Judging from the wear and patina of the metal, these pieces seem to be fairly early - perhaps as early as the 1920's. The one with red has some numbers and letters imprinted on the front. These are both in very good, used and weathered condition. We feel they have a wonderful and decorative look. They are priced at $125.00 each, or $225.00 for the pair. Inventory Code: TTSA.   Cast iron cultivator wheels ... Another angle ... Side views ... Back view ... Another view ... Left wheel, closeup front ... Left wheel, closeup back ... Left wheel, closeups from sides ... Right wheel, closeup front ... Right wheel, closeup back ... Right wheel, closeup from side ... Both, with a soda can for scale.

MillstoneThis is a very unusual two-piece tabletop millstone. It is made from concrete and is very old. The upper piece sits over a wood peg in the lower half. It has notches on the sides to help turn it, and a hole to pour grain down. The grain comes out between the stones, where it is ground and pushes out into the trough around the lower half. There is a small, lighter colored cement patch in the top. It is 15" long by 12" wide, by 7" high, in excellent condition. The price is $350.00. Inventory Code: TCRH.   Millstone ... Another view ... Top view ... Side view ... The other side ... Back view ... From above ... Top piece removed ... The lower half, from above ... The upper half, from above ... From below.

Set of Five Whimsical Cedar CarvingsHere is a set of five whimsical cedar carvings. These include two candlestick holders, one an elegant turned piece in the shape of a hurricane lamp, the other shaped like a tall vase with two handles. The other three are non-functional decorative pieces: an elongated egg on a pedestal, an interesting geometric form with four feet, and a very smooth, round ball. All have beautiful color and grain patterns. They are finished in varnish - ranging from a glossy surface on the ball to matte on the egg. The egg and the vase both had some splits (and branch holes in the egg) that were filled with wood filler before being varnished. The largest piece, the "hurricane lamp", is 13 1/2" tall by 5 3/4" in diameter. The ball is about 3 3/4" in diameter. They are in excellent condition, with an old, tight crack on the four-footed piece. Age is unknown, but they are probably mid-20th century. The price for the group is $250.00. Inventory Code: TKAH.   See a slideshow of several views [655k] ... Whimsical cedar carvings ... From above ... Another view from above ... Closer view of three pieces ... Side view ... The other side ... Closeup of the other two pieces ... Another angle ... All, from below ... With a soda can for scale.
Some much larger photos:   Whimsical cedar carvings ... From above ... Closer view of three pieces ... Side view ... The other side ... Closeup of the other two pieces ... Another angle.

This is a great African-American carving, very large and striking, of a hand holding up an egg. It was carved from a section of a large log. This piece has an enormous "look" and presence. It stands 31" high, and the irregularly shaped base is approximately 16" in diameter - about 19" across at its widest. The carving was found in southern Somerset Co, PA or northern Garret Co, MD in the early 1970's, although it is much older than that. It has remained in a private collection for the last 30 years or so. The age splits, visible in the photo, do not affect the stability or solidity. The condition is very good. The price is $3500.00. Inventory Code: TASP.   Carved hand and egg ... Three more views ... Different angles ... Closeup of the hand and egg ... Second closeup ... Third closeup ... Fourth closeup ... Fifth closeup ... Closeup from above ... Very close of the fingers ... Another very close shot ... Closeup of base ... Another closeup of base ... Third closeup of base.

Rustic plant standThis is a good looking rustic plant stand. It is sturdy and heavy; having been built from stout branches instead of twigs. The stand is nicely and colorfully decorated with old green and rust-red paint. It is 30" tall by about 18" by 18". The condition, surface, and look are all very good. It was made around the the 1930's or 40's, and has some slight bark loss. The price is $350.00. Inventory Code: AHPC.   Rustic plant stand ... Another angle.

Three home-made SKATEBOARDS. They would make a nice collection. (Please request a group price).

Home made skateboardA skateboard made from an old piece of pine tongue and groove wood which has been both shaped and worn to an interesting and "artistic" shape. The wheels came from adjustable roller skates. It is about 19 1/2" long, 5" wide, and 3 3/4" high. The price is $85.00. Inventory Code: AWRC.   Home made skateboard ... From above ... Side view ... Bottom.

Home made skateboardA skateboard made from a piece of fairly thick tongue and groove pine. It is 25" long, 5 5/8" wide and 3 1/4" high. This also has wheels from roller skates, and has a name crudely painted in blue: C Rhyn? The price is $75.00. Inventory Code: AWRH.   Image ... From above ... From below.

Home made skateboardA home-made skateboard. This is about a simple as one can get. It is constructed from a single board, 4 3/8" wide by 1 5/8" thick. It has wooden wheels, and has been used. The board is 23" long and 6 3/8" across the wheels. The price is $70.00. Inventory Code: AWRT.   Image ... Side view.

Metal fishHere are two lead fish. These were figural downriggers from a Lake Michigan fishing boat. They each have a loop on the top, for a line to the boat, and a loop on the back, for the line to the hook. They were used to position the lure at the desired depth. They each have a simple, streamlined form and fine surface cracks. Each is 9 1/2" long by 3 1/2" by 3 1/2", in good, used condition. They are $125.00 each. Inventory Code: TAWS.   Metal fish ... Another view ... Closeup of one ... Closeup of the other, with a measure for scale ... Another view of both ... Side view ... Front view ... From above ... Back view ... From below.

An interesting carved star shape frame or base. Great paint, color, and surface. 8 1/4" outside, 2 7/8" inside, and 2" deep, carved from a single piece of wood. The back also has a nice beveled shape. Early-mid 1900's in very good condition. It doesn't have a "lip" on the back for a picture, so we're not sure of the original use, but it is a nice decorative piece. The color is darker than shown in the photo. The price is $150.00. Inventory Code: ASRS.   Carved frame ... Side view.

An inlaid frame in several shades of wood, with a swivel base. It has a crackled varnish finish that is slightly worn on the base. Four wood pieces on the back can pivot to hold a picture or mirror in place. It is 8 1/4" high by 12 3/4" wide by 3" deep, in very good condition, probably made about the 1920's. The price is $175.00. Inventory Code: PKTP.   Image.

This is an oil painting, on unstretched canvas, of a W.W.II era graveyard. Rows of white crosses, surrounded by red poppies, recede into the distance. In the background are ruined buildings, rows of barbed wire, cannons, and explosions, as bombers fly overhead. Probably painted during or shortly after the war, it is unsigned. There is a 3" tear in the bottom edge, and two small nail holes at the top, where it was probably hung once. It is 44" high by 71" wide, rectangular: not skewed as it looks in the photo. The price is $325.00. Inventory Code: PKOC.   Image.

A highly unusual home made one string electric bass, with amplifier and speaker. It has a carved wooden handle on top of which the string is attached. When pivoted it changes the tension on the string and therefore the note. The bass is 24" high, 12" wide and 5" deep. It is made of wood, covered by Naugahyde on the sides and part of a chenille spread on the front. The amp/speaker is in an old carrying case 14" wide, 13" high and 7" deep. The price is $150.00. Inventory Code: PRKW.   Image.

Ship in bottle whimseyThis is a complex bottle whimsey which contains a large detailed ship in a port with several buildings and cranes. The bottle is about 12" long by 3 1/2" in diameter and is almost filled with this assemblage. It is on a base with the name "Bremerhafen." The ship has a German flag and the bottle is marked in German. This piece likely was made in the last 50 years, but is not new. It is in excellent sturdy condition. The price is $350.00. Inventory Code: TTKH.   Ship in bottle whimsey ... Closeup of bow ... Closeup of middle ... Closeup of stern ... From above ... Back ... Another view from behind ... End view ... The other end ... From below.

This is a painting of flowers, oil on canvas, by Martin Zipin (1920 - 1991). It was done in the early 1960's and is in excellent condition. The overall size including the frame is 9 1/2" by 12 1/2". The size of the image is 6 3/8 by 9 1/4". The price is $450.00. Inventory Code: KPAS. We also have a second painting by this artist.   Martin Zipin flowers painting ... Back.

Halloween collageThis Halloween collage with a cat, pumpkin, and moon, is built up from layers of construction paper in deep blue, white, black and orange, and measures 8" by 12". The condition is very good, with one very small tear on the extreme right edge. The price is $150.00. Inventory Code: VL2. Image ... Closeup ... Back ... Larger image ... Larger back view.

This crayon drawing by Joseph Martin illustrates the evils of the world. It includes cards, dice, a fetus, drugs, gun, a tombstone, and a Bible with a padlock through it surrounding a brain. It is 6" by 8 1/4", in excellent condition. The photo shows some reflected glare. The price is $160.00. Inventory Code: POKO.   Image.

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