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Virginia Love was a girl who lived in St.Louis, MO. in the 1940's. Most of her work was done in watercolor. Some was cutout paper collage, and some pen and ink sketches. Her work reflects her time (wartime rationing, period advertising), her surroundings (watercolor landscapes and still lifes), and her studies (Latin, geometry).

Use the inventory code when referring to items.

War GardenOrdered. (What this means.)
"War Garden", a framed cut paper collage. It measures 8 1/2" by 11 3/4", in a frame 12 3/4" by 16", and is in excellent condition. Inventory Code: PWHC.   Image ... Closeup ... Larger image.

Saxon"Saxon": Construction paper collage after a Saxon motorcar advertisement. It measures 9" wide by 12" high, and is in generally very good condition. There are a few tiny splits and wrinkles in the border/backing paper which do not go into the image. The price is $125.00. Inventory Code: VL12. Image ... Larger image ... Signature on back.

VL9Collage, ship at night. The price is $125.00. Inventory Code: VL9. Image ... Larger image.

VL10Watercolor, night landscape. The price is $125.00. Inventory Code: VL10. image ... Larger image

VL19Watercolor, violets. The price is $95.00. Inventory Code: VL19. image ... Larger image

Vl13Watercolor, tree. The price is $125.00. Inventory Code: VL13. Image ... Larger image.

VL20Watercolor, trees. The price is $125.00. Inventory Code: VL20. Image ... Larger image.

photoA pen and ink ad for Selman Rabbits. 9" by 12" (frame 11 1/4" x 14 1/4") in ex. cond. The price is $160.00. Inventory Code: VL1. Image.

photoThis Halloween collage with a cat, pumpkin, and moon, is built up from layers of construction paper in deep blue, white, black and orange, and measures 8" by 12". The condition is very good, with one very small tear on the extreme right edge. The price is $150.00. Inventory Code: VL2. Image.

photoA watercolor of a sunset, with a poem. It measures 9" by 12", c. 1940's, and is signed on the reverse. The paper is slightly yellowed, and there are two small tears and some minor creasing in the right hand margin. The price is $150.00. Inventory Code: VL15. Image ... Large Image.

photo"Best Easter wishes", 8 1/4" x 9 1/4", pen and ink, and watercolor. Faint geometric staining in background. The price is $110.00. Inventory Code: VL21. Image ... Large image.

photo"Program for Washington's Birthday", by VIRGINIA LOVE. It is watercolor on paper, 9" by 12", in good condition, c. 1940's, from St.Louis. On the back is a pencil sketch. The price is $150.00. Inventory Code: VL16. Image.

photoThis floral painting is 8" high by 4 1/2" high, done in watercolor and pencil on paper. The condition is fair to good, with a small tear in the lower corner, and marks that only show on the back, where it was glued to a piece of brown paper. The price is $50.00. Inventory Code: VL18. Image ... Larger image.

Watercolor of an apple. It is 4 1/2" high by 7" wide, in very good condition, the paper is slightly yellowed. The price is $95.00. Inventory Code: VL14. Image.

While found in Virginia's collection, this watercolor is signed CD Love. There is a sprig of flowers painted on the reverse. It is 6" by 9", in very good condition, the paper is slightly yellowed. From St. Louis area, probably 1940's. The price is $95.00. Inventory Code: VL11. Image.

Here are several more available works by Virginia Love. Until we have more details up, please contact us for information. This will at least give you a starting point and a look at several of her pieces.

photo"Benefit Received From The Study of Latin", VL7. Image.

Save These Foods"Save These Foods", collage, VL3. Image

WatercolorWatercolor, architectural, VL4. Image.

WildflowerWatercolor, flower, VL5. Image.

SunsetWatercolor, landscape, VL6. Image.

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