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When someone orders a piece on this web site we remove the price and replace it with "Ordered". This is done as a consideration for the purchaser. At that point, we still have to receive payment, ship the item, and it must be received by the purchaser. As we offer return privileges on all purchases for any reason, we do not consider it sold until 24 hours after the person actually receives it. In this way others, like you, can view the piece. Should it be returned, it will then be available for others.

If you see an item marked "Ordered" and have interest in it, please feel free to express that to us. We will then contact people in the order they have contacted us. Although not often, occasionally something does come back. It may be something as simple as the color being not quite what was expected as it showed on the monitor; or something else very personal, like that. Sometimes is takes several days before we know if an item is fully sold, as a completion to the midway step of being ordered.

We hope this explains our use of the word ordered. If you are looking for similar items, may we suggest you let us know so we may contact you should we get in a piece that may be applicable; and also suggest that you register here on the site to get e-mail updates in that category. Thank you for your interest.

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