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These vary from all text to a combination of text and graphics. The themes reflect his obsessions. They require more attention, but are extremely interesting. Most are 12" by 17", double sided, on panels cut from brown paper bags. The writings tell a bit of the story of Lewis. They are certainly worth looking at the larger images to read. The excerpts below are only a small bit of the writing on each page. From our research we are finding out that Lewis Smith was well liked, very intelligent with a great memory, and had a vast range of facts - with strange associations of them.

Newspaper names puzzle, "Brain Outlasts Voice", "Hungar is a Slo-Starvation",
"Pictorial Thought, Pictorial Fantasy, Pictorial Memory, Pictorial Destiny"
One side ... Reverse
LS154: $475.00.
"Pickup 1987 Model", Letters and numbers in rectangles.
One side ... Reverse
LS156: $575.00.


Dark areas are shadows in the photos.
"Smoke Scouts", "Economy Prevention"
One side ... Reverse
LS163: $425.00.
"Folks Faults I See Best I Dig My Own", "Random Intervals of Value",
"Big in Arm, Low in Charm"
One side ... Reverse.
LS174. $600.00.


"One Day in Mins. This is only a Work Sheet" This is one of Lewis Smith's more abstract pieces. It is not greatly visual, but a great outsider piece. Each column has a time range at the bottom, with one small dot for each minute of that time period above.
Side 1: One Day in Mins. ... Side 2: Alphabet.
Some much larger photos:   Side 1: One Day in Mins. ... Side 2: Alphabet.
LS178: $575.00.


Side 1: "Hide ugly feet in good shoes", "A Spud A Week Keeps The Apple Away", "Dont Hide From World Just Be Discovered"
Side 2: "No Country Has enough Money", "Be your own Beggar and not your own Boss"
One side ... Reverse.
LS160. $475.00.


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