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Carved stand
Carved stand with
snakes, salamanders
Redware toad
Redware toad
Alligator cane handle
Carved Alligator cane handle
Carved lizard
Carved and painted lizard
Croc O Mower
"Croc O Mower" mechanical crocodile toy
All Animals       Birds

Redware toadHere is an animated redware toad, unglazed, with orange painted mouth. It is anonymous and of unknown age, though it was in the Howard Smith collection for some time. It has a strong folky look and "personality". It is 5 1/2" long by 4" wide by 2 1/2" high. The right front foot is broken off. The price is $45.00. Inventory Code: PCOW.   Redware toad ... The other side ... Front view ... Back view ... From above ... From below ... With a soda can for scale.

Alligator cane handleThis is a carved wooden alligator that was probably made to be a handle for a walking stick. It has nice form, a very good surface, and lots of detail, with crosshatching and very fine incised lines. This carving came from Florida, where it was probably made as a souvenir item in the early 1900's. It is in excellent condition, and measures 5 1/4" long by 1" wide by 2" high. It is mounted on a contemporary base. The price is $275.00. Inventory Code: TSWW.   Alligator cane handle ... The other side ... Third view ... Partly from front ... Fifth view ... From above ... With base ... Another view with base ... Back view ... From below.

photoThis carved lizard is a purplish red, with black details, and a bluish red throat sac. It is mounted on a board cut in a freeform shape. The size is 10" long by 4 1/2" wide by 2 1/2" high, including the base. One foot is cracked, with a toe missing, otherwise excellent condition. The price is $225.00. Inventory Code: PCOC.   Overall Image ... Another overall view ... Side ... Top.

Diamond willow standThis reptile and amphibian-covered stand is carved from diamond willow, with a soapstone base. The natural contours and ridges of the diamond willow have been carved into snakes, frogs, and salamanders, all very finely detailed with set in eyes and lines, spots, etc. The match holder (?) on top is incised with the words "F. Reichter, square bow, flat bottom, 1859 Minnesota River" and is supported by a brass hose nozzle. The silver paint looks fairly recent, but the snakes, etc. all have a very good, old, dark, patinated surface. The stand is 44" tall, the base is 9 1/2" in diameter, and the condition is excellent, with one old, probably original break near the base. The price is $750.00. Inventory Code: PHTS.   Overall Image ... Closeup - BEST DETAIL ... Top half ... Base and lower half ... Another overall view ... A third overall view ... Closeup of top ... Another closeup of the top.
Croc O MowerThis is a wonderful, hand made folk art mechanical toy. The "Croc o Mower" is built from wood, with intricate burned decoration. The steering wheel turns the front headlight and wheels from side to side. Rolling the mower causes the crocodile head to snap its jaws - watch the video to see. Inscriptions include "1.3 Dino-Power", "Watch Out For Flower Beds", "Use Only Hi-Test BugOSaur Juice", and much more. The seat is covered with leather, and the croc has reflective red plastic eyes. The size is 7 1/4" long by about 6 1/4" wide by 3 1/2" high. It is in excellent condition, not signed or dated, but probably from the last quarter of the 20th c. The price is $175.00. Inventory Code: CHSC.   "Croc o Mower" ... Front view, mouth open ... Front, mouth closed ... Another angle ... From above ... Other side from above ... Side view ... Back view ... Back, from above ... From below ... With a soda can for scale ... Video of the action.
Some much larger photos:   "Croc o Mower" ... Front view, mouth open ... Front, mouth closed ... Another angle ... From above ... Other side from above ... Side view ... Back view ... Back, from above ... From below ... With a soda can for scale ... Video of the action.


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