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Bottle Whimsy
Bottle whimsy with crosses
Concrete bookends
Concrete cross bookends
Fraternal plaque
Masonic brass plaque
Metal shrine
Santo carving
19th c. Santo
carving of Mary
"Evils of the World"
by Joseph Martin
The Prophet
Painting "The Prophet"
Framed crucifix with symbols
Painting "A day at the Office"
Metal sculpture
Metal sculpture: "Universe"
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Bottle WhimsyThis is a bottle whimsy containing two crosses, two spear shaped uprights, and a ladder. Each cross also has an "X" shape pegged to the front. The bottle stands 11 3/4" tall by 3" in diameter and is closed with a cork. Age is unknown, but it is old, in excellent condition. The price is $175.00. Inventory Code: TCPP.   See a slideshow of several views [275k] ... Bottle whimsy ... Two more views ... Side and back views ... From above and below ... With a soda can for scale.
Some much larger photos:   Bottle whimsy ... Two more views ... Side and back views.

Painting"A day at the Office". Acrylics on metal roofing. The hands have been hammered to have depth. 26" by 40", initialed, msl, and dated 4/95. The price is $4000.00. Inventory Code: KPAP.   Image ... Closeup ... Second closeup ... Third closeup ... Fourth closeup ... Back ... Closeup of back.

Metal sculpture"Universe". Metal sculpture made from roofing tin, acrylics, and automobile glass. 22" x 22" x 10" (with stand, 32" high). 1995. Note that the colors in this piece are very vibrant and strong. They are much more vivid than shown in the photos. The first closeup shows them the best, but even it is somewhat washed out. The price is $5000.00. Inventory Code: KPAA.   Image ... Closeup ... Another view ... A third overall view ... Second closeup ... Third closeup ... Fourth closeup ... One side ... The other side ... From an angle behind ... Back ... Closeup of back.

ShrineThis is an old hand made painted metal shrine assemblage. It incorporates a person with carved wood head in the center, surrounded by several objects including a dog?, flag, cross, bird?, tree, and flowers. The circular base that supports all this has what looks like either fish with cross tails or bombs. Most of the objects and base are cut from heavy sheet metal and painted. The base is mounted to a heavy iron rod, connected to it by several other iron pieces. The end is tapered to be put in the ground. This looks like a piece which combines Christian symbols with a nature religion, like Santeria. It may have an origin like the Osanyin bird cult; or possibly a Yoruba god. It is perhaps more Haitian or Caribbean than African. Because of outdoor use it is difficult to be specific about the age. With some galvanized wire it likely was made within the last 50 years. The base is 12" in diameter; the objects on it are up to 7" high; the fish, about 3 1/2" long. The total height is 54". It is in good sturdy condition, with rust, but much of the paint remaining. The price is $295.00. Inventory Code: ARHP.   Overall view ... View 2 ... View 3 ... View 4 ... View 5 ... Close-up 1 ... Close-up 2 ...Close-up 3.

More canes

This is an old brass plaque, deeply embossed with several Masonic symbols. It was probably made around the 1930's or a bit earlier. This piece is in excellent condition with a good aged surface. It is 6 3/8" high, 4 7/8" wide, and 3/8" deep. The price is $140.00. Inventory Code: ATOP.   Masonic plaque ... Back.   Some much larger photos:   Masonic plaque ... Back.

19th century framed crucifixA framed crucifix, with metal ornaments symbolic of various aspects of Jesus' life and resurrection. The background is a print of Jerusalem, and there is a card at the bottom that reads "Thy Kingdom Come, 100 days indulgence each time, Pius IX, 14th June 1877". The frame is a very nice, 19th century grain-painted one. It is 16" wide by 20" high by 3 1/2" deep, in excellent condition. The price is $325.00. Inventory Code: PKWT.   Grain painted frame ... Closeup of top ... Closeup of bottom half ... Closeup of crucifix.

Mary SantoA Santo carving of Mary, from the late 1800's, Mexican. She is in weathered gray/blue and cream paint, mounted in a wooden altar. Overall size is 21 3/4" high by 18 1/2" wide by 9" deep, Mary is 14" high. The altar is in good condition, with minor damage; Mary is in very good condition. The price is $650.00. Inventory Code: PKTA.   Image ... Closeup ... Back.

This pair of concrete bookends is painted black with raised crosses in gold. Each one is 7" high by 3 1/4" by 3 1/4". Probably 1920's/30's, they are in good condition, with a few nicks around the edges. The price is $110.00. Inventory Code: PRCS.   Concrete cross bookends ... Another angle ... Front view ... Side view ... The other side ... Back view.
Some much larger photos:   Concrete cross bookends ... Another angle ... Front view ... Side view ... The other side ... Back view.

This crayon drawing by Joseph Martin illustrates the evils of the world. It includes cards, dice, a fetus, drugs, gun, a tombstone, and a Bible with a padlock through it surrounding a brain. It is 6" by 8 1/4", in excellent condition. The photo shows some reflected glare. The price is $160.00. Inventory Code: POKO.   Image.

Caroline Goe paintingThis painting is titled "The Prophet", by Caroline Goe. Oil on paper, it measures 8 1/2" by 12 1/2" as matted, the frame is 13 3/4" by 17". The artist is a street person in New York City who works mainly with scrounged materials. This piece was painted prior to 1986, and is in excellent condition. The price is $225.00. Inventory Code: PWWO.   Image.

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