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Metal found object chair
Metal found object farm chair
19th c. Hand made garden seeder
Old, primitive mallet
Rolling Pin
Rolling Pin with great patina, turned from solid wood
sculptural apple peeler
Sculptural cast iron apple peeler w/hearts
Wagon wheel hub
Wagon wheel hub
Primitive carved fuse box
Primitive carved fuse box
cupboard: "DANGER"
Mechanical boot jack
Mechanical boot jack
Primitive tool carrier
Primitive tool carrier
twig basket
Twig basket
Jointed carvings
Jointed limberjack carvings
Wooden carrier
Wooden tote with
tree branch handle
Mr. R Blight sign
Mr. R Blight sign with
hand cut letters
Home made scooter
Home made scooter
Horse weathervane
Wooden horse weathervane
Industrial art
Painted Mechanical
Magazine rack
Painted wood magazine rack
Hand wrought clamps
Hand wrought massive iron clamps
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SeederThis is a very decorative, antique, funky, wooden garden seeder. Probably made in the late 1800's or early 1900's as a hand made, factory made piece, from wood and iron which has aged with a good natural and painted surface. This implement has wonderful form and has been hung on a wall as a decorative piece; however, the mechanism seems to work even today. With the two handles, it is about 6 feet long by 32" high by 12" wide. It has a wooden wheel, a metal feeder wheel inside, and and iron hook at the front - probably to attach to a horse harness to be pulled. The main bin was painted red, which has worn and aged nicely. There are two metal gears and an unusual metal chain which turns with the wooden wheel and moves the feeder wheel. This piece is in generally good, sturdy condition, with a wonderful look. The price is $275.00. Inventory Code: ARPS.   Antique garden seeder ... The other side ... Closeup of the mechanism ... From behind ... Closeup of wheel ... Mechanism inside ... Overall, from slightly above ... The handles ... Closeup of side ... Closeup of base from behind ... Closeup of iron hook at front.

MalletThis is an old, primitive mallet. It is constructed of hardwood with two metal bands reinforcing the head. The handle was turned and then inserted in to a hole through the entire head. Because of age, the end of the handle is now oval. This piece was well used and has taken on a nice patina. It is about 12" long and 5"wide. The head is about 2 1/2" in diameter. The mallet is in very good sturdy condition, with no breaks or splits. It was probably made in the late 1800's. The price is $90.00. Inventory Code: TPWP.   Primitive Mallet ... From below ... Close-up of ends ... Close-up of handle ... The Top ... Another overall view ... Larger overall photo.

Wagon wheel hubThis is an old wagon wheel hub. It is made from wood with metal bands around the edges for strength. In the center are hand chiseled areas for the spokes. There are traces of red paint remaining, but the surface is primarily old and oxidized from years of use. One end has the number 2 7/8 stamped in. The metal is strong. This piece was likely made in the 1800's. It is about 10 1/2"high by 8 1/2" in diameter, and in excellent weathered good condition. The price is $185.00. Inventory Code: TWTH.   Wagon wheel hub ... Another side ... A third side ... One end ... Closeup of end ... The other end ... The other end up ... With a soda can for scale.

sculptural apple peelerThis is a wonderful looking, old metal apple peeler. Mounted on a new base and stand its decorative form shows very well. This former household tool really is an object of art. Hearts are cast in two of the large gears and the surface is an old rust with character. It looks good from all sides. The peeler still turns and is in very good condition, with no apparent loss. On the base it is about 12" high. The object itself is about 8" wide by 6 1/2" deep. The price is $235.00. Inventory Code: TWWO.   Metal apple peeler ... From Above ... Top view ... Another overall ... Scale with soda can ... Close-up #1 ... Close-up #2 ... Close-up #3 ... Close-up #4 ... Close-up #5 ... See a video of the motion (2.4Mb).

Mechanical boot jackThis is a mechanical boot jack from the late 1800's or early 1900's. It is made from cast iron with a hand carved wood handle. The handle tightens the clamp on to the heel of the boot, so it could be pulled off. The iron mechanism has a good dark oxidized surface and measures 15" long by 5" wide. When the handle is straight up, it is 34 3/4" high. The handle has a dark patina from years of use. The condition is very good, with some wear on the handle. The price is $275.00. Inventory Code: TOCA.   Mechanical boot jack ... Closeup, with a soda can for scale ... One side ... The other side ... From above ... Closeups of the handle ... Another view from above ... With a yardstick for scale ... Video of the action [4.8 Mb].
Some much larger photos:   Mechanical boot jack ... Closeup, with a soda can for scale ... One side ... The other side ... From above ... Closeups of the handle ... Another view from above ... With a yardstick for scale ... Video of the action [4.8 Mb].

Folky fuse boxThis is a home made small folk art cupboard made from a wood fuse box with "DANGER" and other carvings. It is put together from thick pine boards and painted an old white which has crackled, with splashes of yellow. The front of the box has a carved "X", and other initials including a backward "N" and a second "X" made into a stylized person with a head and face. The box has a slant top which indicates it was used outside. It also has an old hasp for securing. The door is easily opened. The front of the box is about 17 1/2" to the top by 13 3/4" wide. It is 7 1/2" deep, and the top is 13 1/2" high in the back. This leaves a nice storage space inside, which is about 12" by 12" by 6". This unusual piece was probably made around 1940 or earlier. Some of the paint is more recent; the red and black highlights are contemporary additions. The door was cracked down the middle and reglued. The box has some wear, loss, and soil, but is sturdy, very usable, and a real one-of-a-kind piece. The price is $375.00. Inventory Code: TWWH.   Folky "Danger" box ... Another angle ... Third view ... Side view ... The other side ... Back view ... Closeup ... Another closeup ... Door open ... From below ... With a soda can for scale.

Metal found object chairThis is a metal chair made from objects found around the farm. The seat is a large pitchfork, the back is a disk from a cultivator. There are three horseshoes worked in, along with chain and other machine or wagon parts. While it has rockers and does rock, the tendency is to sit still on the rear stops. It has very nice old black and yellow paint. The chair measures 29" high by 21" wide by 28" deep. It is in very good, useable condition with minor paint wear, from the 1930's or 40's. The price is $675.00. Inventory Code: TPHH.   Metal found object chair ... Front view ... One side ... The other side ... Closeup of back and seat ... Closeup of lower front ... Closeup, one side ... Closeup, other side ... Another overall view ... Back view ... From above.

Mr. R Blight signThis is a wood sign with applied wood letters that reads "Mr. R. Blight". It is painted dark gray with red letters, and has two eyes on top for hanging. It can also sit on a desk or shelf. The red paint has a crazed surface. This sign measures 21" wide by 4 1/2" high by 1 1/2" deep. It was probably made in the 1940's or earlier, and is in good condition with some paint wear and a few small chips. The price is $185.00. Inventory Code: THTW.   "Mr. R. Blight" sign ... Closeups ... Another closeup ... From above ... Closeup from above ... From below ... Back.

Home made scooterThis is a folky home made wooden scooter. It was constructed from 2 x 4's with triangular supports made from 3/4" plywood. The wheels are from an early skate board mechanism or roller skates. This was probably made in the early 1960's. It is sturdy, rolls well, and certainly can be used. The scooter was painted white, and the paint has a fair amount of wear from riding. It is 22 3/4" long by 33" high by 12 1/8" wide. The price is $110.00. Inventory Code: TOCS.   Home made scooter ... Closeup of handles ... One side view ... The other side ... Front view ... Back view ... From above ... Another view from above ... Closeup of seat ... Lower front ... Lower back ... From below ... Closeup of front wheels ... Closeup of rear wheels ... With a soda can for scale.

Wooden carrierThis is an interesting old wood "tote". It was primarily made out of crate wood, with a round handle fashioned from a tree branch. The carrier is divided into four sections, each about 4 1/2" square. The entire piece is about 11 1/2" wide by 10 1/2" deep by 20" tall. It was painted an old silver radiator paint, which has weathered over the years. This piece is probably made around the 1930's or 40's, and is in excellent sturdy condition with one long sliver missing from the lower edge. The price is $175.00. Inventory Code: CPTO.   Wooden carrier tote ... One side ... Two more sides ... The fourth side ... From above ... Closeup of one side ... Closeup, opposite side ... Closeup from above ... Closeup of the handle ... Another closeup of the handle and construction ... Top view ... From below ... With a soda can for scale.
Some much larger photos:   Wooden carrier tote ... One side ... Two more sides ... From above ... Closeup of one side ... Closeup from above.

Primitive tool carrierThis is a hand made primitive tool carrier, very weathered and worn. It has a really good look and feel. It is built from pine boards with an unfinished surface, divided into two compartments inside. There is a handle for carrying, and feet to stand on. From the early 1900's, it is 21 3/4" wide by 9 3/4" deep, and stands 21" high. The condition is sturdy, very worn from use, with an old break at the top on one end. The price is $250.00. Inventory Code: TARA.   Primitive tool carrier ...   Another angle ...   One side ...   The other side ...   End views ...   Closeup ...   Another overall view ...   From above ...   From below.

twig basketThis is a very well-made twig basket. It has a diamond shape, crossed corners, and a bent twig handle. It is finished in a very dark varnish and is in excellent, sturdy condition with some minor scuffing. It was probably made around the 1940's. The dimensions are 16 1/2" high by 19" by 13". The price is $145.00. Inventory Code: AHOA.   Twig basket ... Side view ... Another angle.

Jointed carvingsHere is an exceptional pair of jointed limberjack carvings - a man and a woman. They have strong, primitive faces with carved ears and metal tacks for eyes. The hands are inset metal tabs which are free to turn around the iron mounting bar. These carvings are from the late 1800's or early 1900's, with well oxidized surfaces and good patina. They are in excellent condition. Each person measures approximately 10" high by 2" wide by 1 1/2" deep; total width including the bar is 19 3/4". The price for the pair is $675.00. Inventory Code: ARPP.   Pair of carved limberjacks ... Another view ... Closeup of both ... Closeup of the woman ... Closeup of the man ... Sitting ... One side ... The other side ... With arms down ... Another view, arms down ... From above ... Side/back ... Back view ... From below.

Rolling PinThis is an early, very heavy and large rolling pin. It is made from hardwood, likely maple. The round pin was constructed by joining 3 separate pieces. It was then turned on a lathe. It is in very good used condition, with a few marks and indentations. The surface is smooth and rich. This was probably made in the 1800's or early 1900's. It is almost 23" long by 3 1/2" in diameter. The price is $95.00. Inventory Code: TPWS.   Large, early rolling pin ... 3 other views ... The ends ... Scale with soda can.

Hand wrought clampsHere are two massive, hand wrought iron "C" clamps. Each measures about 11" wide by 10" high, 1 1/2" thick, and weighs about 7 1/2 pounds. The handles and the main body of the clamps were hand formed. The surface is a very dark, old iron. These are old, in good, used condition. One has a small crack in the body of the "C". They have a really nice look and strong presence. The price for the pair is $175.00. Inventory Code: THRK.   Hand wrought clamps ... The other side ... From above ... From below ... Side view ... Another angle ... Closeup of one ... The other side ... From below ... Closeup of second clamp ... Second, other side ... Second, from below.

Magazine rackA wonderful cream colored, painted, hanging magazine rack. The form is absolutely super. It is from the early 1900's, with nice crazed paint. In excellent condition, it is 12" wide, 24" high, and 7" deep. The construction is well done both from the standpoint of workmanship and artistry. The price is $275.00. Inventory Code: PKAH.   Magazine rack ... Another angle ... Closeup ... Another closeup ... Side view ... The other side ... Back.

Horse weathervaneA nice wooden horse weathervane in weathered gray and black paint on both sides. An old spark plug was added to the front of the arrow to make it balance. It is 44 1/2" long by 16" high. The horse is cut from 1/2" plywood; the arrow is solid wood 1 1/2" thick. There is a metal plate with a hole for the pivot underneath. From Indiana, c. 1940's, it is in very good condition with a few very minor chips. The price is $295.00. Inventory Code: ASHS.   Horse weathervane ... The other side ... Closeup of the horse ... Closeup of the horse, other side ... Closeup of the arrow and sparkplug ... Closeup of the arrow, other side ... From above ... From below.

Industrial artThis is an odd, decorative and sculptural, mechanical contraption of some sort. Apparently it was used to turn something on belts or lines. The larger wheel was turned by a wide belt and in turn drove 3 smaller belts. Then the motion is converted and stepped down by the use of gears to another long shaft on which are several other wheels that drove smaller belts. They then also turn. What it was connected to is a mystery. Now it is an interesting workshop piece - hand made for some particular use - all mounted on a tongue and groove board. The dark green paint is strong with normal wear. It probably was made in the 1930's or 40's. This assemblage is about 43" long by 6" deep and 7" high to the top of the larger wheel. The price is $125.00. Inventory Code: TTPC.   Mechanical contraption ... 3/4 angle ... End view ... From above ... Closeup ... Another closeup ... Closeup from above ... Another overall view.

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