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Whimsy carving
Whimsy carving

Ball in cage whimsy
Delicate ball in cage
Bottle whimsey
French orchard workers
in a bottle
peach pit pin
Peach pit basket pin
Figural whimsey carving
Figural whimsey carving
Whimsey carving
Pliers with
ball in cage
Bottle Whimsy
Bottle whimsy with crosses
5 balls in cage
5 balls in 5 cages, from NC, 1920's

Whimsey chain
Whimsey chain

Ball in cage whimsey
Fancy ball in cage whimsey

Whimsey carving
Ball in cage with swivel
Tiny bottle whimsey
Very tiny 1"
bottle whimsey
Carved whimsy
Military memorial
whimsy 5 feet long
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Whimsey carvingThis is a nicely carved whimsy from a single piece of pine. It has a ball in cage, swivel, and chain link. One of the balls is freely moving within the cage. The other is part of the swivel mechanism: it is attached to the link above, and the cage rotates freely around it. This whimsy is in excellent condition, with a natural, oxidized surface. It is 9 3/4" long by 3/4" by 3/4". It is probably 50 years old or older. The price is $95.00. Inventory Code: TSWT.   Whimsey carving ... Another view ... Third view ... Fourth view.

Figural whimsey carvingThis figural whimsey carving has two caged balls, with a man's head on top. The man has strong features, and a somewhat medieval looking hat and hair style, perhaps modeled after a chess piece? It measures 9 3/4" high by 2 1/4" by 2 1/4". It is carved from pine with a light stain finish. It is inscribed "W O K" on the bottom. The condition is excellent, and age appears to be mid 20th century. The price is $250.00. Inventory Code: TCPW.   Figural whimsey carving ... Several other views ... Side view ... The other side ... Back ... From above ... From below.

Whimsey carvingThis is a nicely carved whimsey combining hinged pliers with a caged ball in the handle. It is carved from one piece of pine, with an unfinished surface that has taken on a dark patina with age. It is 5" long. When the pliers are open, it is 1" wide by just over 1/2" deep. It is in very good condition, with two small chips. The price is $155.00. Inventory Code: TPAT.   Whimsey carving ... Pliers open, several angles ... Pliers closed.

This delicate whimsey with a ball-in-cage has a long circular taper to the shaft. It was made in the early 1900's, has a medium brown stain, and is in excellent condition. It is 5" long by 5/8" square. The price is $90.00. Inventory Code: APOO. Image.

This is a nice little carved wooden whimsey. It has a ball-in-cage and a freely-moving swivel captured in a second, rounded section. The whimsey is 4" long by 1" wide. The rectangular cage is 3/4" wide and deep. This was made in the 1930's, and is in excellent condition, with a natural, aged surface. The price is $110.00. Inventory Code: AOWO.   With a pen, for scale ... Second view ... Third view ... Fourth view ... Fifth view ... Sixth view.

This whimsey pin is a carved leaf with three dangling baskets carved from peach pits. The baskets are attached with hand made copper wire loops. The leaf is 3 1/2" wide, each basket is about 1" high, and the overall height is 2 1/4". A safety pin is attached to the back for wearing. It is from the early 1900's, has a nice surface and patina, and is in very good condition. The price is: $95.00. Inventory Code: ATCS.   Overall view ... Back ... Another overall view.

Bottle WhimsyThis is a bottle whimsy containing two crosses, two spear shaped uprights, and a ladder. Each cross also has an "X" shape pegged to the front. The bottle stands 11 3/4" tall by 3" in diameter and is closed with a cork. Age is unknown, but it is old, in excellent condition. The price is $175.00. Inventory Code: TCPP.   See a slideshow of several views [275k] ... Bottle whimsy ... Two more views ... Side and back views ... From above and below ... With a soda can for scale.
Some much larger photos:   Bottle whimsy ... Two more views ... Side and back views.

Here is a special whimsey carving. It has five balls in 5 cages and a rounded, tapering handle. The workmanship is good, and it is made from well-oxidized pine. Probably made around the 1920's, it was found in North Carolina. There is no finish on the surface, but there is a nice patina on the handle. It is in excellent condition, and measures 14" long by 1" by 7/8". The price is $185.00. Inventory Code: ATCP.   Overall View ... Second Overall View ... End View ... Closeup.

This carved whimsey chain is 16" long by 1 1/2" by 1 1/2". It is old, with an unfinished surface oxidized to a dark color. The condition is excellent. The price is $95.00. Inventory Code: AACC.   Image ... Another Image.

This is a carver's whimsey with rosette ends and an elongated ball-in-cage. It is probably from the 1930's-40's, with an unfinished old surface. There is a very small chip in one rosette. Otherwise it is in excellent condition. It is 5 5/8" long, and 3/4" square. The price is $110.00. Inventory Code: APOW.   Image.

Carved whimsyThis is a memorial, carved whimsey chain, 5 feet, 9 1/2 inches long. Included with this piece, which was made after Hawaii and Alaska were states, is a letter by the maker in which he describes in detail the symbolism of the links and inscriptions. It was made as a remembrance to the four Raider battalions that made up the Fourth Marines in W.W.II. It includes a key on one end, and 55 links; three of which are unfinished. The piece is in excellent condition and is pine, with a clear varnish finish. Some of the letter reads: "To my Raiders Friends. I carved this chain for remembrance of buddys long ago. Their [sic] are fifty five links in all. 50 states Four Raider Bat's and Fourth Marines. Made up of what was left of the Four Raider Bats. I left the last five links solid as was 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th. The 51 link was half carved in memory code talkers." The price is $295.00. Inventory Code: TSWH.   Carved whimsy ... Another view ... Closeup ... Second closeup.

Tiny bottle whimseyThis is the tiniest ship bottle whimsey we have ever seen. It is constructed in a bottle which is just over an inch high (1 3/8" with the stopper) and 11/16" in diameter: about the size of a dime. The opening through which the base was constructed and painted, and the boat made and rigged is about 3/16". All of the photos are bigger than the real bottle. It is in sturdy condition. The price is $95.00. Inventory Code: TTOC.   Two views, one with a dime ... One side ... The other side ... Back ... From above ... From below.

Bottle whimseyThis is a French bottle whimsey with two orchard workers picking apples. There is a tree with apples on it, and a basket of apples on the ground. It is built in a cut glass bottle that is filled with water. It stands 9 1/2" high by 3 7/8" in diameter, and is in excellent condition. The price is $195.00. Inventory Code: TTKC.   Bottle whimsey ... Side with labels ... Closeup ... Another overall view ... Side view ... Three more views ... Closeup of upper label ... From above.

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