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Carved loggers
Extraordinary collection of carved figures with hand made clothing from a Northeastern logging scene, c. 1910

A man with a oil can, one with a rifle, one with a lantern, detail of a man loading a wagon, and two other figures, all from the same group

Man with a hinged jaw, man with an axe, two men with a large saw, and detail of the sled driver

Final two larger assemblages from the logging scene: a wagon with some of the mechanism, and a sled loaded with wood, with a driver and team of 4 horses
Carved lion's head
Large, strong carved lion's head
Alligator cane handle
Carved Alligator cane handle
Carved woman
Carved woman
Carved Man
Carved man
Carved Tasmanian devil?
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Carved lion's headThis is a very striking and strong wood carving of a lion's head. It was probably made from walnut, and is finished in a glossy varnish. The carving is quite detailed and extremely impressive. It is approximately 21" high by 12 1/2" wide by 11" deep. It is in excellent condition, and was likely done about the 1950's give or take. The price is $475.00. Inventory Code: CCCH.   Carved lion's head ... Another angle ... Third angle ... Side view ... The other side ... Back view ... From above ... From below ... With a soda can for scale.
Some much larger photos:   Carved lion's head ... Another angle ... Third angle ... Side view ... The other side ... Back view ... From above ... From below ... With a soda can for scale.

Carved loggersThis is an extraordinary collection of hand carved, jointed and movable figures which at one time made up a motorized logging scene. The mechanism is no longer, but the figures and vehicles remain. This grouping includes individual people, all with very distinct looks; a pair of wood sawyers, a man on a wood wagon (with the mechanism underneath), and a large wood sled with a driver and team of four horses.

All the people and horses were hand carved and painted. The wagons and sleds are also hand made and painted; and the harnesses are exact to minute detail. Some of the heads of the people turn, and one has a lower jaw which opens and closes. All the clothing is original, and includes leather boots, knit hats and scarves, shirts, coats, and pants. Most of the arms and legs were made out of copper tubing which was then flattened and formed with great detail, including fingers. The bodies and heads are wood. An example of the construction can be seen on the man who has no clothing.

This very folky grouping is now mounted on individual two tiered bases. The figures came from Northern New Hampshire or Maine. While there is some wear, they are in generally very good to excellent condition. They were probably made around 1910, give or take a few years. Following is a listing of the pieces, their actual size, the size of the bases, and the price. They are priced both individually and as a collection. For purchase of several, please contact us for a quote. First we have a few photos of the whole group, followed by sizes, prices, and photos of each individual carving. Inventory Code: ATTR.   One view ... A second view ... Third view.


A. Rifleman: 8" by 4 1/2" high, by 2 1/2" wide. Base 5 7/8" by 10 3/4" $450.00.   Image ... One side ... The other side ... Front view ... From above ... Back view.


B. Man with Red Shirt, Plaid pants: 5" by 2 1/2" by 2" deep. Base 5 3/4" by 5 1/4" $350.00.   Image ... Closeup ... One side ... The other side ... Back.


C. Man with Lantern: 4 1/2" by 2" by 1 1/2" deep. Base 5 1/2" by 5 1/2" $300.00.   Image ... One side ... The other side ... Back.


D. Man with beard, heavy coat and hat: 6" by 2 1/2" by 2 1/2". Base 5 1/2" by 5 1/2" $375.00.   Image ... Closeup ... Side view ... Back.


E. Man with oil can: 6" by 2 1/2" by 3 1/2". Base 5 3/4 by 6". $400.00.   Image ... Front view ... One side ... The other side ... Back.


F. Man with long arm, hand extended. His jaw is hinged to open and close (the boss?): 5 1/2" by 3" by 3". Base 5 3/4" by 5 1/4". $325.00.   Image ... Closeup ... Side view ... Back.


G. Man with hammer: 5" by 4" by 2 1/2". Base 6 1/4" by 6 3/4" $400.00.   Image ... From above ... One side ... The other side.


H. Man with axe: 5 3/4" by 3 3/4" by 4". Base 6 1/2" by 7 1/4" $400.00.   Closeup ... Overall ... One side ... The other side ... Back.


I. Two sawyers: 15" by 4" wide by 4 3/4" high. Base 19" by 7 1/4" $750.00.   One side ... The other side ... Closeup of both ... Closeup of one man ... Closeup of the other man.


J. Man on wood wagon: 12 1/2" by 6" by 7 1/4". Base 9 1/4" by 18 7/8" $625.00. One side ... The other side ... Closeup ... A second closeup ... Third closeup ... From above ... Front view ... Back view.


K. Large wood sled with driver and team of four horses: 28" by 5 1/2" and 10". Base 9 3/8" by 33 3/8" $1100.00.   Image ... From the front ... Another view ... Closeup ... Closeup of driver ... Second view of driver ... Third view of driver ... Closeup of horses ... Second closeup of horses ... One side ... The other side ... From above.

Alligator cane handleThis is a carved wooden alligator that was probably made to be a handle for a walking stick. It has nice form, a very good surface, and lots of detail, with crosshatching and very fine incised lines. This carving came from Florida, where it was probably made as a souvenir item in the early 1900's. It is in excellent condition, and measures 5 1/4" long by 1" wide by 2" high. It is mounted on a contemporary base. The price is $275.00. Inventory Code: TSWW.   Alligator cane handle ... The other side ... Third view ... Partly from front ... Fifth view ... From above ... With base ... Another view with base ... Back view ... From below.

Carved womanThis is a very graceful, carved nude woman with jointed arms. She is carved from a light-colored wood, sanded very smooth, with faint traces of gold paint. She has a bald head, a primitively carved face and hands, and her legs merge into the roughly carved base with no feet. Probably 1920's or 30's, she is 5" high by 1 1/4" wide by approximately 3/4" deep, in excellent condition. The price is $275.00. Inventory Code: PRAO.   Image ... Another view ... A third angle ... From the side ... From behind ... Another back view.

Man This is a primitively carved man with a hat, bare feet, and rolled up pants legs. He is walking. His facial features have an almost oriental look, however, these do not show in the photo. This man is chip carved a little coarsely. He was probably made around the 1940's or 50's. There hat brim is missing in the front from a long ago loss, but he in in otherwise excellent condition, with a good patina to the pine wood. The man is 6" high, 3" long, 1 1/2" wide. The price is $95.00. Inventory Code: PCOA.   One side view ... Front view ... Second view ... Third view.

A Tasmanian devil? 5" long, 3 1/2" high, 1 1/2" wide. The price is $65.00. Inventory Code: PHSK. Image.

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